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For over 20 years we have been working hard to make products of the highest quality, safe for consumer, produced with respect for environment and for needs of employees and local community. We are responsible!

Our values


We take decisions and act with consideration to the dignity and rights of other people and entities. We treat our employees, business and social partners with respect. We respect the diversity of opinions and views.


We take responsibility of our actions and declarations towards each other, our clients, environment and the local community.


We establish and maintain good relations with people and institutions we cooperate with. We are open to new solutions, ideas and opinions, even if we disagree with them. Creating a friendly workplace atmosphere for our employees, associates and visitors is of great importance to us.


All our actions are based on knowledge and years of experience. We continually learn and improve our skills. We act with due diligence. We constantly search for new possibilities and solutions for production, environmental protection, as well as in the area of people management and relations with the local community.


We openly communicate with our co-workers, business partners and the local community by informing them about important activities of our company and by taking into account their opinions and suggestions.

Code of Conduct

Since January 2017 our company operates a Code of Conduct. It describes the standards which employees should be guided in the workplace and in external relations.

  • Code of Conduct

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We care about quality

Food safety is of paramount importance to us. Therefore we initiate numerous actions to promote good hygiene and manufacturing standards.


Our clients’ satisfaction is what we value most and we want to guarantee the highest quality at all times. For us, however, quality as such is a multidimensional term comprising the whole organisation along with its culture, systems and processes.

Quality Assurance from field to table
In order to assure high standards of quality, we monitor the whole production process starting from potato procurement to finished product and then its storage and shipment. Quality is also very important as regards raw materials, packaging, technological development and labour. Therefore, our suppliers and processes in our Company are audited by us. We raise standards, but we help meet such standards at the same time. Moreover, we make our standards practical. We ensure that our employees are well trained educated, especially when it comes to production technology. We introduce adequate tools to help solve any possible problems.

Quality Control
Before being placed on the market, all our products are controlled by our qualified staff members. The tool that is particularly valued as far as product evaluation is concerned is elaborate sensory evaluation carried out in sensory cubicles. Quality control and supervision over the production process of French fries, potato pancakes and flakes are carried out in our quality control labs as well as in accredited external laboratories. We also analyse the correctness and accuracy of the control process itself.

Quality Standards
Our concern about the high quality of products is confirmed by the most important quality standards which are regularly audited by certification bodies: FSCC 22000, Halal, Kosher and UkrSEPRO Standards.

How to fry perfect French fries?
Check, where the European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA) presents The Golden Frying Recipe.

We care about the environment

Every production activity has an impact on the natural environment. To produce our potato products, we use water, produce waste and wastewater. However, we spare no effort to minimise our impact on the environment.

Bobrowniki 48

In 2001 we  implemented the Environmental Management System which complies with  ISO 14001 international standard. To meet the standards, we continuously improve our processes so as to reduce their impact on the environment. We also regularly monitor how and to what extent the environment is affected by our activity. We use materials reasonably,  manage waste responsibly and promote environmentally-friendly behaviours and attitudes amongst our employees.  

Reduction of media consumption
We invest in solutions which help us reduce water, gas and electricity consumption. We have a two-phase wastewater treatment system with a modern anaerobic system thanks to which we can produce our own electrical and heat energy. In addition, our external electricity supplier is increasing the share of renewable energy in total electricity generation year by year.
We have been using a system for recovery of energy from fryer vapour since 2010. The energy saved only in the first year of operation was equivalent to 1 million m3 of gas.
A new system for recovery of heat from hot process wastewater was put into operation at the beginning of 2014. Thanks to this system, we have managed to reduce our average energy consumption for one ton of finished product by ca. 5%.

Environmental education
We realise that only aware and well-informed employees can guarantee a success when it comes to reducing the environmental impact. This is why we popularise knowledge about the environment amongst them.

Tree Planting
One of the events to promote eco-friendly behaviours and attitudes amongst our employees and their families is an annual Tree Planting Day. We planted 17 000 trees in total from 2011 to 2017 and our goal is to plant 20 000 trees by 2020.

No Waste Day
We have been actively supporting Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań (a packaging recovery company) during a nationwide No Waste Day for some years now. As part of this event, we organise an art competition every year. Its theme is related to waste segregation. Competition entries come from our employees’ children and our little friends from local nursery schools.

Eco Year
2016 years passed in our company under the banner of ecology. Its main objective was to increase the knowledge and awareness of our employees in various aspects of ecology, such as. organic food and cosmetics, saving energy and paper at home and work, management of electro wastes.

We care about employees and their safety

We respect opinions of our employees, take into consideration their ideas and provide them with development opportunities. They are the guarantor of our company’s success and we want them to feel safe and secure in all respects.


Every year we organize for our employees integration meeting. In 2014, which was exceptional due to the 20th anniversary of our company, we organized urban game. Employees, divided into smaller groups, searched for amber in Gdansk, at the same time revealing the unknown history of the city.

Safe Work
We strive to make each employee feel that they have a significant influence on their own safety and that of their colleagues. We have observed with great satisfaction that safety culture in our Company is steadily improving year by year.
In 2014, we received the Implemented Occupational Health Management Certification in accordance with Polish standard PN-N-18001:2004 and international standard OHSAS 1800:2007.

Good Atmosphere
We are trying to ensure our employees a good and positive atmosphere in the workplace. Our efforts find reflection in a very low employee turnover rate (below 5%). What is more, almost 62% of our staff have been working with our company for at least 10 years and regularly conducted employee satisfaction surveys confirm that our employees have a sense of stability of employment and want to stay with us in the future.

One of the elements promoting our employees’ development is competency management. The competencies were defined by the employees themselves. We also place particular emphasis on trainings, both internal and external, as well as cooperation with and exchange of experiences and expertise with Polish and international food business operators. 
We have a group of qualified internal instructors who share their knowledge with other employees and teach them required skills.

Fringe Benefits
We provide private medical care, access to preventive screenings, and group life insurance to all our employees. In addition, they are offered an opportunity to join the Company Pension Scheme. Our Employee Welfare Fund enables our employees to engage in sport activities or provides them with material support in times of hardship or following some fortuitous events. Our employees’ children can go on summer holidays and have fun at Christmas parties.

Exceptional Year
Each year in our company is an exceptional one. For some time now, each year has been dedicated to a specific theme like “Year of Health” (2014), “Year of Safety” (2015), “Eco Year” (2016). Each such year is full of events organised for our employees and their families to promote health, healthy lifestyle, safety at work and at home or environmental awareness.

We are good neighbours

We have attached a lot of weight to responsible and effective cooperation with local communities and maintaining good neighbourhood relations since the begging of the company. Our concern for our neighbours takes different forms, such as:

Farm Frites USG 3 06 2016 05

Cooperation with Ronald McDonald Foundation

E.C. Lehmann-Bärenklau, former President & CEO and Grażyna Nowak-Połomska, Company Development & McDonald’s Business Unit Director, are members of the Ronald McDonald Foundation council in Poland which, which being a part of Ronald McDonald House Charities, supports programmes directly improving the health and wellbeing of Children in Poland

Our company has supported building and covers maintenance costs of one of the rooms in Ronald McDonald’s House which was built near Children’s University Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim. We are also in the „No to Children’s Cancer” campaign by funding preventive ultrasound examination of children from the region of Lębork.

We employ local people and cooperate with locally-based suppliers
Over 90% of our employees lives in the region of Lębork. We work with about 200 local sub-contractors, service providers and potatoes producers. Thanks to cooperation with them, we can count on attractive prices and faster service delivery. We rely on mutual trust and long-term relationships - with many companies we have cooperated for 20 years.

We support the poor and the sick
With show our understanding and empathy to the needs of sick and disabled people, especially children. According to our principles, we co-finance their treatment only through the foundations to which they belong. Since 2004 we have been patron of the Children's Rehabilitation Center "We are Together", in which the free help of a psychologist and a physiotherapist is offered to more than 20 disabled children every day.

We donate our products for foundations, orphanages schools and nursery schools
Everyone likes French fries and potato pancakes, which we produce. So with pleasure we share our products and donate them to orphanages, social assistance centers, foundations, as well as to schools and nursery schools.

We support sport and physical activity of children and adults 
We realize how physical activity is important for the health of children and adolescents as well as adults, and how big are the funding needs in this area.
We subsidize the activities of the local shooting club, youth karate club, sailing club and indoor football team. Also, our staff can count on help in the realization of their sports passions, such as table tennis, jogging and soccer.

We promote prophylaxis
With our initiative the Ambulance of Ronald McDonald’s Foundation came to Lębork in 2014 and 2016. The ambulance is as part of the "No children’s cancer" campaign and travels all over Poland to perform ultrasound examinations of children aged from 9 months to 6 years . During both actions more than 400 kids were examined.
We also support the honorable blood donation - since 2013, we have joined in the organization of “Motoserce” - action organized by the Motorcycle Club "Cruiseriders." This action is organized in many cities in Poland and every year becomes more and more popular among blood donors.

Social reporting
It is important for us to make numerous activities for our employees, customers, the environment and local communities open and transparent. For this reason, in 2014 we published our first Social Responsibility Report for 2012-2013. The next report, for the years 2014-2016 is in preparation.

Social reporting

It is important for us to make numerous activities for our employees, customers, the environment and local communities open and transparent. For this reason, in 2014 we published our first Social Responsibility Report for 2012-2013. The next report, for the years 2014-2016 is in preparation.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012-2013

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  • Sustainability Report 2014-2016

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Privacy Policy

  • Privacy policy for employees of Farm Frites Poland and employees of external companies

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  • Privacy policy for business partner, business partner's representative and job applicant

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